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Timeline Q2.2024


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The Icarus Timeline Edition aims to keep a tangible record of the evolution of Bitcoin.
Each card of this edition will have a BTC face value equivalent to 50€, allowing you to track the progress of this magic internet money
This edition is also an opportunity for artists in the crypto community to express themselves and share their vision of the crypto universe.
Every quarter, we will collaborate with a different artist, offering a diversity of styles and perspectives over time.
Each month during the quarter, a new design from this artist will be featured on a series of cards, making each edition limited and collectible.

The Timeline edition is buyer funded. There is no Bitcoin loaded on the cards. You can load your card if you want to.

For Q2-2024, the designs were made by the artist geophphreigh !

Mintage : 42 cards for each month.

By default, the lowest number available is choosen for your order. Feel free to reach us if you have a favorite number, we’ll see what we can do !

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