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All our private and public keys are generated off line and never exposed to the Internet. All sensitive data is deleted after the card printing.


Our cards are made with high quality PVC and laminated to offer them an extra layer of protection.


You don’t need knowledges or any technical skills to use Icarus cards. You can fund your card and redeem it anytime by scanning the QR code under the hologram.

What is Icarus ?

Icarus was created by 4 trusted Bitcointalk members in early 2023 : cygan, Polymerbit, Owlcatz and Xprim777. We wanted to bring the best of what we’d learned in cryptos and combine our efforts to create the best product we can.

Icarus cards are offline Bitcoin crypto-wallets. On each card you have a public key, and a private key under the hologram. You can easily fund the card and keep your crypto protected offline, offer it to your friends and family, or just appreciate the beauty of the design and add them to your crypto collection.

To bring our cards a unique and collectible touch, we work with artists involved in the crypto space and constantly release new editions. The cards are produced in limited run, so follow us and get your favorite cards while you can!

No skills required

Simplicity is a key word for Icarus.
Scan the QR code to see your card’s address, send crypto to the address, and get it back when you want by peeling the hologram and scanning the private key. It’s that simple !